Larsen IL CANNONE Violin Strenger, Sett Medium

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A new, groundbreaking violin string that produces a large, round tone with a brilliant soprano and the depth of a baritone. The strings are available as a set and as individual strings in medium and soloist strengths.

Latest development at Larsen
Known for its full sound in the lows and its incredible power in the upper frequency spectrum, "Il Canone" is the name of the violin by Niccolò Paganini
Those sound characteristics were the inspiration for the new Larsen string
Available in 2 tensions:
Medium offers an open, colourful, rich sonority with moderate string tension.
Soloist reaches a fuller tone with more brilliance and focus at a higher tension
Set E Steel (with detachable ball-end), A Alu und D+G Silver
Tensions: Medium 22.6 kg/49.20 lbs
Soloist 24.5 kg/53.9 lbs